Caffeine – Volume 29


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Caffeine is a magazine championing independent and speciality coffee in the UK and abroad. Riding the “third wave” of the coffee industry, we aim to entertain and inform our readers about their daily cup of Joe. Be it espresso, filter, V60, syphon or humble French press (aka the cafetière), we want to make your home coffee experience as good as the one in your favourite coffee shop, and to share news, views and developments on the coffee scene.

Here at Caffeine, though, we’ve always been fans of autumn. The dramatic early sunsets, the gorgeous colours of the trees, the slight chill that’s best dissipated with a warm hug… If, like us, you’ve got romance on your mind at this time of year, we highly recommend planning your date in a speciality coffee shop. Apart from the excellent brews, there are many reasons to get flirty in one of our favoured cafés. With crunchy leaves underfoot and (sometimes) crisp sunshine above, autumn’s also the perfect time for strolling the city streets and seeing what caffeinated delights you can find. A great place to do this is Exeter, which has established an exciting coffee scene over the past few years. Then again, sometimes you just need to find some good coffee fast – and naturally there’s an app for that! Another cause for celebration in autumn? The arrival of fresh Rwandan coffee, as Alan Tomlins of Small Batch Roasters explains.

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