Salt & Wonder – Issue 01: Lisbon


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Salt & Wonder is portraying new movements of the culinary startup culture, one city at a time.

Salt & Wonder’s first issue explores the culinary startup culture of Lisbon by bringing old and new food trends together. Typical Portuguese restaurants and places rooted in their tradition and cultural history are slightly disappearing from the city’s skyline. Nowadays, innovative local shops pop up and put a fresh spin on the city’s ancient past. In the first issue we have 3 chapters, split in eight ingredients: coffee, sardines, wine, beer, fruits, fish, olive oil and honey. Each ingredient will explain a new concept from Lisbon’s entrepreneur scene. Dive into the story of Lisbon’s very first brewpub, introducing the city to the craft beer scene by way of bar culture. Lose your breath to the view from Castelo do Sao Jorge with a local wine dealer perched at top one of the city’s seven hills. Or get inside the mind of the founder of A Sociedade, whose gastronomic studio is rethinking the way we prepare and eat food. Salt & Wonder brings you this and so much more.

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