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Attitude Interior Design Magazine – Number 78: Exquisite

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ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

In this last edition of the year, we found the theme Exquisite furnished us with a consensual premise to explore approaches and aesthetics which, for a variety of reasons, impressed us with their unique qualities. It offered the opportunity for extensive research, able to interpret not just the refined and sophisticated character which this adjective implies but, above all, its relationship with something rate, less conventional and different, whether on a conceptual or formal level.

That was how we set about planning our itinerary through interiors that we considered particularly unusual, testifying, on a global scale, to singular lifestyles and passions. Incursions into the United States, Brazil, Paris, Stuttgart and Lisbon, combined with surprising projects, hailing from different latitudes, that reached our editorial office, and on their own merits reached these pages and then your hands.

You’ll enjoy discovering our new sections – Must Visit and Global Report –, focussing on national and international events which we anticipate, while also highlighting our presence at fairs, inaugurations and happenings taking place around the world. News and reports that seek to show you the main protagonists, their talent and what drives them on.
In Mood, discover a stage of inspiration for the fast-approaching end of year festivities, enjoying it with more colour and fantasy, without overlooking original pieces that express the best of Portuguese design.

On the cusp of celebrating 15 years of existence, Attitude heads towards 2018 looking forward to a very special anniversary, beginning a new cycle of novelties and surprises which we hope you will enjoy with every new edition.
Wishing you enjoyable reading and a very happy festive season!

Architect with Attitude
— Luigi Rosselli

Artist with Attitude
— Joël Andrianomearisoa

Designer with Attitude
— David Hicks

Relax in Public
— Casa Cook Kos
— Jingshan Boutique Hotel
— La Dama
— Restaurante Wine & Gourmet
— Les Trois Couchons

Good Buy
— Fabric
— Scar-id
— Hamici Joalharia

— Longbranch
— Stuttgart
— São Paulo I
— Lisbon I
— São Paulo II
— Paris
— Lisbon II
— Sag Harbor

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