Backstage Talks – Issue 3

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Backstage Talks is an interview magazine about how design can change business for better by making it both useful and beautiful. 

In Backstage Talks you get 96 pages filled with 10 valuable interviews with creative authorities. Solid 300 gram portion of food for thought to provoke and push your business further.

We like the challenge of talking to people who have been interviewed many times before, and finding a way to bring real and lasting value to you, our readers. That’s why we don’t focus on person’s portfolio or fleeting fads. Instead, we discuss interviewee’s ideas, concepts, mental frameworks and workflows — while always coming back to the connection of creativity and business.

Our goal is that every issue of Backstage Talks remains relevant for years to come and that you find it helpful for your own career and growth.

In the third issue, you can find our talks with:

Hartmut Esslinger, Rejane Dal Bello, Mr Bingo, Mark Porter, Josh Higgins, Veronica Fuerte, James Jarvis, Mucho, Jonathan Lee and Annina Koskinen.

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