99 Percent Lifestyle – Volume 04


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99 Percent Lifestyle is a magazine that focuses on the worlds best creators and entrepreneurs with the aim to inspire you to live life to the full and be more creative.

Each and every article aims at either inspiring you or providing you with priceless information, be it an interview with one of the worlds best creatives, a feature showcasing advice from a millionaire entrepreneur, or a travel story from a professional photographer that will inspire you to travel the world.

Volume 4 of 99 Percent Lifestyle takes a focus on the world of travel. Youtuber Dan Mace shares a gripping story of oppression during an Indonesian drug scam, Ben Page draws attention to the duality between solitude and loneliness in solo travel trips, and we speak to Youtuber Fun For Louis.

Outside of our themed features, we dive into various different topics, including looking at the impacts VR has on the education sector, we visit the Faroe Islands and hear the advice from the countries only Michelin star chef, and speak with podcaster Debbie Millman, singer Luke Sital-Singh, entrepreneur Oonagh Simms and much more.

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