99 Percent Lifestyle – Volume 05 – Cover
99 Percent Lifestyle

99 Percent Lifestyle – Volume 05

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99 Percent Lifestyle is a magazine that focuses on the worlds best creators and entrepreneurs with the aim to inspire you to live life to the full and be more creative.

In Volume 5 of 99 Percent Lifestyle, our three central features have a strong reinvention theme. We speak to former UFC fighter Justin Wren about how he has freed a Pigmies tribe in the Democratic Republic of Congo, share the work of an unsung hero who has reinvented a community through education in The Gambia and we also look at Awesome Merchandises expansion into the US market.

This latest magazine also features some insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational features about business, creativity, life and our environment by some of the worlds leading creatives such as Matt D’Avella, Verònica Fuerte, Steven Bartlett, George Turner, Alex Ikonn and much more.

Three of our four Q&A interviews also feature some of the world’s most successful podcasters too. From Steven Bartlett whose company has helped get their clients podcasts high in the charts, to Matt D’Avella who has a good tactic to grow your podcast audience, each of them has some great actionable advice to start, build and grow a podcast.

Volume 5 also marks our first major milestone as a print magazine, and to celebrate we have two unique covers. Designer Verònica Fuerte and entrepreneur Steven Bartlett are both our Volume 5 cover stars, with each cover featuring silver holographic foil block elements.
Discover everything inside Volume 5 below.

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