Above Sea Level – Issue 1: California



Above Sea Level is a magazine designed to start a different type of conversation around wine. By looking at wine in the context of food, design, people and places the hope is that it becomes an easier, more natural part of our conversation.

The first issue of the new wine + culture magazine dedicated to California is now available to buy. They’ve created a rich, visual dialogue around wine that draws as much on nature of place and human endeavour as it does on wine itself. Inside you’ll find:

A photo essay exploring the vessels used to store wines and the effect different materials have on the character of a wine

A visual response to some of the more ridiculous wine terminology from This is Mold’s LinYee Yuan and Lazy Mom

A study on ‘The Nature of Fog’ with photographer Dan Tom and writer Elizabeth Schwyzer

An exploration of the connection between architecture, people and place, shown through a photo series of wineries, Scribe and Corison, taken by Luke Abiol and written by David Michon



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