Another Escape – Volume 8: The Journeys Volume


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Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication that explores the stories of passionate people, alluring landscapes and intriguing ideas. We cover a disparate selection of subject matter all deep-rooted in exploration, creativity, innovation and discovery, and aim to be a a source of inspiration for those who seek an active and considered lifestyle by encouraging an optimistic, forward-thinking and responsible mindset.

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." – Henry Miller

Numerous journeys begin with a curious intrigue that beckons exploration. For many, the overwhelming draw of the unfamiliar is often too exciting to resist. For some, it is the thirst to discover or learn something new that drives them. And for others, embarking on a new journey marks the beginning of a change or challenge.

Setting our sights on an end point can be motivating, but it is rarely our destination that shapes us most. Influenced by our experiences and interactions with others, our journeys can redefine our ways of seeing and open us up to different ways of life.

Not all journeys require us to venture far; many of our most momentous feats begin with just a simple resolution. In this volume, we are inspired by those who courageously take on new challenges, whether epic or everyday, and we hear stories of personal conquest and growth. We learn that it's never too late to undertake a new chapter, and that some of life's most enriching adventures present themselves when they are least expected, often with unforeseen detours along the way.

The paths and journeys we choose are life-changing, and each begins with just a single step.


• Navigating using nature's cues
• Learning of the methods of great navigators past
• Understanding the many motives of modern pilgrimages 
• Migrating birdlife & birding in the Faroe Islands
• The road to positive change begins with a single simple
• Aquatic adventures and unattempted challenges with the Wild Swimming Brothers
• Exchanging city life for life on the road, visiting eco-communities & learning about self-sufficient living
• Hiking misty mountain peaks jutting out from the Atlantic Ocean  
• Exploring the culture and landscape of the isolated isles of the Faroe Islands
• Diving into the liminal space that wild swimming encourages 
• Using the power of business to tackle ecological concern 
• Canoe building in the Lake District


Jody Daunton
Choechoe Brereton
Grace Helmer
Holly Gable & Angus Fulton
Molly Prosser
Aaron Sami
Victoria May
Dawn Chapman
Hudson Brothers
James Silson
Mike Cangi


132 inside pages 
200mm x 265mm 
300gsm matte laminate cover 
120gsm inside pages 
Printed on Edixion Challenger FSC 
Euro Eco-label paper & printed in vegetable inks

Published in Bristol, UK. 

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