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ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

With the advent of a new year also comes the desire to rekindle and reaffirm our passion for manufacturing, in an edition that we have called ‘Handcraft’. In a virtual world, so often victim to the logic of immediacy and speed, we take a fresh look at work of artisans, makers and other creatives, acknowledging the importance of the time, rigour and dedication behind what is ‘handmade’.

Convinced that genuine ‘luxury’ is not to be found in the quantity of things we own but, rather, in how well they are made and how much we appreciate them, we went in quest of the quality and authenticity that essentially define the unique character of artisanal pieces.

The respect for the raw materials used, from their origin to the transformation process that follows, culminating in the final product; the reinvigoration of traditional skills and techniques combined with the rekindling of knowledge passed down generation after generation; the preference for lastingness in detriment to ephemeral fad; the soul behind unique pieces crafted by hand in defiance of the standardisation of industrial products – all of this is what we set out to explore in these pages. In the products and projects we have selected here, in the stories of those who shape them, and in the integrated and sustainable vision shared by designers, artists and architects, with a special emphasis on the work of studios such as Kéré Architecture and Wallmakers (pages 74 and 80, respectively), founded on the reutilization of local resources and surplus.

Regarding the interiors featured, the affirmation of what is handcrafted is given free rein in the home of the sculptor and builder Anthony Esteves (page 154), who also designed and created most of the furniture, establishing a balance between the simplicity and functionality of the spaces, traditional aesthetics and construction techniques and materials that reveal a genuine concern for the environment.
In an era characterised by excess – especially of objects, information and technology – we invite you to discover some of the work carried out by a community committed to celebrating and breathing new life into the skills of craftsmanship.

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Architect With Attitude
— Kéré Architecture
— Wallmakers

With Attitude
— EWE Studio
— Marie Christophe
— Miguel Palma
— Renzo Marasca

— Biennale Architecttura 2018

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— Lavra
— Oporto I
— Maine
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