Attitude Interior Design Magazine – Number 88: Offline – Cover

Attitude Interior Design Magazine – Number 88: Offline

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ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

In this edition, we start off by bringing you the main highlights from Frankfurt, where we visit Ambiente, the fair which would in turn, also inspire us in the preparation of an Attitude bursting with flavour. And with a title none other than ‘Taste’, we set off to explore a vast lexicon related to the universe of gastronomy. As a reflection of a cultural and local identity (faithful to traditions and customs), it was particularly the creative dimension and transversal potential of the theme that most interested us; without neglecting to consider the social nature intrinsic to it, through gathering, sharing and strengthening relationships that are so naturally enhanced when we are seated around a table.

Aware of the refreshing dialogue that is born through the fusion of areas such as design, art and food, we mingled with a community that invites us to cast a new look at the way we perceive and relate to food and we were surprised by innovative approaches and concepts. Leaf through the Confidential (page 30) and People (page 54) sections, where you will find names involved in unique projects focussed on challenging formats and conventions, blending artistic languages and, above all, experimenting. Chefs, food stylists, producers, photographers, designers or simply people attracted to the world of cooking, whose work and creativity are hard to ignore when the action revolves around food. Meet people who make the art of hosting their hallmark, such as Inês Neto dos Santos, the partners behind Our Food Stories, Marta Caras Lindas (our special guest in the Mood section), among other protagonists brought to you in this edition.

Also in Places (page 66) reveal a selection of restaurants, hotels, and spaces that stand out and which mean taking home unique experiences that go far beyond gastronomic memories.

Finally, we headed for Mexico (page 73), intent on filling our pages with a palette rich in colour, texture, details and, naturally, flavours which we discovered in the Yucatán State and Quintana Roo, feeling excited about making this register of intense sensory stimuli complement our cover theme. Among a myriad of points of interest, highlights include the fabulous haciendas that we visited – magnificent properties that combine historic memories with the requirements of modern lifestyles – and which will doubtlessly enjoy a boom in the near future, due to their potential as exclusive hotel experiences inevitably driving a growth in tourist interest.

— Wishlist
— Our Choice

— Confidential

— People
— Places

Edição Especial /Special Edition
— MEXICO: Yucatán + Quintana Roo

— CO-LAB Design Office
— Reyes Ríos + Larraine Studio

With Attitude
— Travesía Cuatro
— Rirkrit Tiravanija

— Marta Caras Lindas

— Mérida
— Tulum
— Valladolid
— Lisbon

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