Attitude Magazine – Number 75: Calm


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ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

With our contents we share inspiring and beautiful stories in order to truly involve our readers with the projects, the places and the individuals that we publish. Our features aim to be as much ‘personal’ as possible, based most of the times on a ‘lived experience’ so that the final result becomes much more intimate and familiar for those who reads us. We develop our own photo shootings, inspired on the theme of each issue, using different kinds of paper and textures, bringing new experiences to the printed edition and inviting everyone to live it and feel it in a unique way. 

The agitated rhythm, which is so often contagious and that regularly takes over our daily routine, too often leads us to neglect precious moments of tranquillity. These instances, brief as they may be, are capable of obliging us to stop, listen and observe with an absolute sensorial engagement, unfettered by the automated reactions imposed by our routines.

Our shared desire at the Attitude team for a natural deceleration inspired us to produce an edition which urges us to seek ‘Calm’ through a thoughtful selection of spaces, projects, work philosophies and life. A choice which led us to the ambiences – incredibly tranquilising and of a pared down, minimalist sophistication – of the French architect and designer Joseph Dirand, as well as the work marked by the simple and timeless beauty of the Danish Norm Architects.

We also invite our readers to sit down with us at the counter of the intimate Euskalduna Studio, in Oporto, a project belonging to the chef Vasco Coelho Santos who takes us on a surprising gastronomic voyage to be savoured with all the calm – and curiosity – in the world. 

In the Interiors there are plenty of forays into inspiring homes in the city and in the countryside that transport us to particularly relaxing lifestyles, while we are delighted to announce that we have once again turned to projects in Portugal with a renewed enthusiasm.

Having got back from Miami, where we were present as the only publication from the Iberian Peninsula for the presentation of the concept for 2018 of the Celebrity Cruises ships, we immediatly head for Milan to the ever emblematic Salone del Mobile.
Choose the perfect spot to relish one more edition of Attitude, now lying open in your hands, be it while relaxing on a sunny beach or on a cosy sofa at home, allowing yourself to be carried away by the pleasure of turning each page. Slowly. After all, within the current world obsessed by speed and immediacy, it’s the simple gestures such as leafing through a magazine that we rediscover moments of profound well-being. Devoid of distractions, bringing truly calming silences.

Regarding the celebration of one more anniversary of Attitude, scheduled to take place in June this year, we unanimously decided to wait for 2018 to celebrate what is already a 15 year history of an editorial project that continues to take Portugal’s name beyond its borders. 

Architect with Attitude
— Jun Igarashi Architects
— ColectivArquitectura

Architect / Designer with Attitude
— Norm Architects

Designer with Attitude
— Joseph Dirand

Artist with Attitude
— João Queiroz

Relax in Public
— Robertson Small Hotel
— Noshery
— Mr. Simon
— 1908 Lisboa Hotel
— Puro

Good Buy
— Voo Store
— Júlio Torcato

— Sogliano Cavour
— Lisbon I
— Grândola
— Eastern Taiwan
— Lisbon II
— Paris
— Oporto



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