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Beside Magazine

Beside Magazine – Issue 07: What risks are we willing to bear?

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BESIDE aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature—with high-quality editorial content and immersive experiences.

We uncover compelling stories, pursue untapped questions, foster impactful initiatives and deliver meaningful, practical knowledge that can inform and empower all of us with the tools to help build a more sustainable future.

At every point in our lives, we’re tasked with making brave, often uncomfortable, decisions to fulfill our personal, social, and environmental aspirations: perhaps to live off the grid, open a gourmet restaurant in the middle of nowhere, stay put in spite 
of the coming floods, or defend our convictions at all costs. What risks are we willing to bear? Issue 07 presents the ideas and intimate narratives behind the choices 
we make—and those we’re longing to make—to build a different world.

Yoshua Bengio
Autumn Peltier
Pat Kane
Colombe St-Pierre
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
Pieter Hugo
And many more …

Thanks to our partners: Icebreaker et Terres d’Aventure

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