Beside Magazine – Issue 1


A magazine dedicated to fostering the new and flourishing community of outdoor enthusiasts across North Amercia.

In this issue, we also attempt to map the contemporary, visceral desire to disconnect from urbanity. Two essayists boldly investigate the issue: West Coast author Robert Moor mediates on the pros and cons of a wireless wilderness, and East Coast author Nicolas Langelier’s text evokes the “oceanic feeling” of connecting to something much greater. Outdoor adventurers and photographers Jeff SpackmanMichael Barrus, and Alex Strohl, and LA-based editor and novice camper Vivianne Lapointe seek to reveal the rewarding truths of nature’s ability to challenge our limits and break our notions of control. And for Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, overcoming the challenges of a deep wilderness trek has a direct correlation with the obstacle-laden path of entrepreneurship, not to mention similarly lofty responsibilities. It is with this same energy and urgency that young start-ups like HipcampColter Co. and Getaway House are inventing new models to allow people better, more sustainable access to the outdoors.



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