Curves Magazine – Number 10: Spain – Majorca


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Curves – Soulful Driving is an enthusiasts magazine produced in high quality for people who are passionate about driving cars, riding motorbikes or cycling and are in search of pleasure and adventure on the road. People who want to escape the day-to-day routine and would like to fulfil an exclusive dream. It is magazine for people delight in celebrating the planning of a journey. It is for the enthusiasts and for the true believers who experience the journey in their mind before immersing themselves in the adventure itself.

Recently between Bunyola and Sóller, in a bitter infight with the serpentine inferno that is the Coll de Sóller, utterly immersed in the blissful staccato as I brake into the corner, breathe in, turn in, hang on to the apex for a moment as time stands still, hold my breath, release the steering, breathe out, accelerate. Suddenly, there’s a slight loss of grip at the rear end – a tiny countersteer and, at the same time, a stunning mountain panorama reveals itself. It was in this delectable millisecond that we felt it. We’re not trying to suggest that most people love Majorca for the wrong reasons, but we are absolutely convinced that there is far more to discover on these 3600 square kilometres in the western Mediterranean than is commonly known. Majorca is out-of-the-way and complex, sublime and rugged, abundant and full of energy. The roads are among the best that asphalt has to offer; they are a festival of Soulful Driving. Do we really need to argue the case for Majorca? Do we really need to explain how great this island is? For that brief moment, there was no doubt in our minds – yes! Where else should Soulful Drivers want to be in moments like this, if not here?

280 pages
bilingual: German/English
Format: 21 x 28 cm

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