Dispensa Magazine – Issue 11 – Cover

Dispensa Magazine – Issue 11

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Dispensa is a biannual independent bookazine created in 2013 by Martina Liverani. Dispensa is the first independent Italian bookazine that narrates the world of food through stories of people and stories of food. It is printed on paper made from food waste and contains no advertising: just original texts and professional photographs. It is a magazine to be collected. A biannual that in each issue addresses a different theme, telling the best of Italy and the world. There are no recipes or reviews, just people, products and lands, art and culture.

Dispensa looks at the world through the eyes of food, portraying it in a unique and original style.

This issue:

Fingerprints are the trace left by the dermatoglyphs present on the fingertips of the hands, i.e. the set of crests and skin furrows that take different shapes in each of us. They have the characteristic of being individual, unique and unchanging over time: they are formed in the fetus at the eighth month of pregnancy and will no longer change throughout life. That's why they are used as a sign of personal recognition. Interesting, don't you think? Sometimes we don't realize how important and information-rich our tracks can be. So we decided to talk about footprints, of bacteria, of hands that imprint flavors and personalities in what they do. Let's talk about style and uniqueness.

The photo you see on the next page is a work by the artist Matteo Lucca. He creates sculptures made of bread and bakes them in ceramic molds. In this work he asks himself how a gesture can become nourishment. As a gesture of the hand, the encounter with the other arises and in how many ways our hands can meet. We asked ourselves too. In this issue we also talk of meeting and dating, which are always our favorite stories.

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