Gear Patrol Magazine – Issue 07 (Deficiencies copy)

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Gear Patrol is a New York City-based lifestyle publication focused on the intersection of products and life’s pursuits.


Issue Seven is our celebration of style and design. Inside its 200+ pages, we analyzed what it takes to turn an office chair into a thing of beauty, an accidental invention into a culinary essential and a 1970s French automobile into one of the most evocative cars of the last century, and so much more.

In this issue:

The Gear Guide: Performance products are often tested, professionals. But what happens when they’re part of the design process? Four hardcore athletes share the products they helped bring to life.

Watches: Meet the mavericks tweaking one of the most enduring designs of all time -- the clock face -- and changing how we think of a time in the process.

Dream Cruise: The modern Grand Tourer is at once a high-performance automobile, Luxo-barge, and design marvel. Associate Editor Nick Caruso takes three sumptuous GT cars on an epic 1,000-mile test drive.

Leatherbound: Chicago’s Horween Leather Company is a fifth generation, family-run leather tanning juggernaut. Discover why they stand apart.

Interview: Lisa Yamai: Japan's premier camping brand, Snow Peak, just turned 60. We camped out at the company's spectacular HQ with the granddaughter of the founder to learn more about the company's past, present and future.

What’s in Store?: With nearly every modern product able to be delivered to your door, brick-and-mortar has taken on new life as companies turn their stores into experiential gateways.

Wish List: If money were of no consequence, these are the dream products we would own and cherish above all others.

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