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Hodinkee Magazine

Hodinkee Magazine – Volume 05 (Deficiencies copy)

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The HODINKEE Magazine examines watches and the world that surrounds them, as HODINKEE always has, but also looks at collectible cars, architecture, travel, and style. It brings a new dimension to HODINKEE, perfectly complementing the online coverage we do every day.

This issue comes with some kinks.

The HODINKEE Magazine, our premium print journal, returns for its fifth outing! And this is an issue you won't want to miss.

The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5, is filled with in-depth articles on a wide range of topics of interest to our editors. Naturally, this includes watches, both new and vintage, but also travel, fashion, design, architecture, collectible cars, and more. We traveled the globe to find the most intriguing stories to tell, making stops in places as diverse as the South of France, Dubai, Joshua Tree, and more.

As HODINKEE readers know, a watch has the capacity to be much more than an object that tells time. It can connect generations of families, and it can drive a fascinating story.

The watch that you see on our cover, with its crazed crystal and completely obscured dial, was on the wrist of pilot Norman Schwartz when his plane was shot down over Manchuria on November 29, 1952. The story of how Schwartz found himself piloting a covert mission for the CIA in the first place, and how his watch was eventually returned to his family just this year, is one that you absolutely do not want to miss.

Other can’t-miss stories include a rare peek into chef Mario Carbone’s collection of rare rums, an in-depth look at the McLaren F1, Reference Points on the Vacheron Constantin Overseas, Ben’s perspective on collecting an oft-overlooked chapter of vintage Audemars Piguet wristwatches, and Jack’s thoughts on the Omega Speedmaster and its peerless place in the history of space travel.

Cover to cover, the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5, is filled with in-depth storytelling from familiar, trusted voices. In addition to several HODINKEE editors, you’ll also hear from watch lovers who need no introduction, including actors Aziz Ansari and Fred Savage, Olympic medalist Fabian Cancellara, and the photographer Michael Turek. These stories are enhanced with world-class images from some of our favorite photographers. We’re incredibly proud to call the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5, our finest issue yet.

160 pages
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