Hop & Barley – Volume 7


Hop & Barley is a quarterly publication, exploring the people and stories behind the contemporary brewing movement.

This volume is inspired by the makers; the men and women who pedal against convention in pursuit of their craft.  It’s inspired by the people who dismiss the culture of mechanisation and automation; the fervid artisans who choose to maintain traditional practices.  It's a celebration of these industries which, in the face of adversity, have not only survived, but thrived - buoyed by our insatiable thirst for good beer.

It’s a theme driven by the stories of strong, fiercely independent characters; from the Master Cooper’s search for an aspiring apprentice,  to one man's fight to preserve Britain's oldest floor maltings.  It’s a theme in which we meet those working in a diverse range of practices, and discover an affinity based on both passion and provenance.  From the cheesemakers pushing the frontiers of fermentation, to the coffee roasters blending with the brewers; the shared ethos and mutual appreciation continues to form ever closer bonds across our industries.

White Rose Cooperage
Warminster Maltings
Stocks Farm
Oliver's Cider
Cheese Loves Beer
The Link Between Beer & Coffee
An American Pale Ale
Chocolate & Stout Ice Cream
Form & Function
In conversation with...
Bitter Virtue

Product Information
128 inside pages
202 x 276mm
Cover: Fedrigoni Symbol Matt Plus 350gsm
Text: Fedrigoni Arcoprint EW 120gsm
Printed in the UK by Pressision on FSC certified paper



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