Intern – Issue 4: Creative Career Paths


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Intern is a bi-annual independent print publication concerned with internships in the creative industries.

Creative career paths. Right now, our careers are ever-evolving. People are learning skills with broad applications or just learning that their skills have broad applications. Kelia Anne MacCluskey's boldly coloured cityscape, sets the tone for our journey through some of these infinite possibilities.

This issue includes:

Go Your Own Way: In a short space of time, Liv Siddall has carved out a very successful, multifaceted career in the creative industries. It hasn’t all been plain sailing as Andrew Bennett finds out, but being determined to do what makes you happy, isn’t a bad tactic either.

Balancing Act: The name of your degree doesn’t have to define your career. We meet Carrie Thompson, studio manager at Soth Studios to see how she came to manage one of the world’s most famous photographers, alongside developing her own practice.

A Dirty Word: Kate Moross has clear ideas about what an internship should be about and making coffee isn’t on the list. Alex Hacillo talks to the Studio Moross team and learns that this tightly run ship needs the right kind of crew, but when it finds them, takes some stopping.

145 pgs, 24 × 17 cm, Softcover, 2016,


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