Jarry – Issue 4: Journeys


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Jarry is a print magazine that explores where food and gay culture intersect. More than just a magazine, Jarry brings together a community of gay chefs, eaters, artisans, writers, photographers, artists, and industry influencers, and celebrates the art of gay domesticity.

  • 112 Pages
  • Perfect Bound
  • Printed in USA on FSC-certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, SFI Certified Sourcing paper in a facility that runs entirely on wind-generated power.


The Art of Dun
A Slow-Simmering Technique for Richly Flavored Chinese Herbal Soups

Rum and Revolution
Seeing Cuba through Its Cocktails  

Pam’s Voice
A Pioneering Folk-Rock Artist Found Her Voice by Writing about Food

Simon’s Halifax
A Culinary Historian’s Guide
to a Food City Hitting Its Stride

Chef Art Smith’s
Neverending Pride Parade
Bringing Pride to the World’s Fair, and Spreading a Message of Love One Meal at a Time

An Audacious Cuisine
How the Israeli Chef Erez Komarovsky Helped Create a Food Without Borders

Portable Feast
Recipes that Travel

A Ritz Cracker Communion
In Fayetteville, North Carolina, A Grindr Quest Leads to Empowerment  

The Butch Queen in Baja
A Motorcycle Ride through the Baja Peninsula

Into the Woods with Chef KPE
Wild Plants Are Just One Part of This Chef’s Quest

Foraged Foods Around the World
An Illustrated Guide

Chef May Chow’s Polysexual Dream
Drag Queen Bingo, an Eclectic Soundtrack, Cantonese Delicacies—and a Radical Vision for Openness and Opportunity  

A Culinary Education Begins with
Two Women in Lebanon

Travel Tips
from the JarryType Community

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