Les Others Magazine – Volume 4: The Collective Issue


Les Others Magazine is a biannual and bilingual (French and English) publication thought for outdoor, travel and photography lovers.

Planet Earth’s seven billion inhabitants meet up every day out of passion, beliefs, or affinities, in order to push back their personal limits or give meaning to their lives. It’s the power and beauty of these unions that we wanted to celebrate in this volume, The Collective Issue.

Throughout these pages, we will be tackling peer support, love and friendship, but also beautiful collaborations that aim to protect the environment – like the companies and associations that work hand in hand to protect the Mont-Blanc valley – to preserve cultures and rituals, like those of the Mursi, Raute and horsemen of the Semonkong, or even to develop ones own creativity, as displayed by Joel Flory, co-founder of VSCO.

- Travel notebook, photo series, essays, interviews
- Bilingual magazine (French and English)
- 144 pages
- Printed in France
- Offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper

Partners : Patagonia, Eider and Bask in the Sun



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