Les Others Magazine – Volume 7: The Space and Time Issue


Les Others Magazine is a biannual and bilingual (French and English) publication thought for outdoor, travel and photography lovers.

In the 208 pages of this seventh volume we will be questioning the notions of space and time, of near and far and will be exploring the most emblematic medium we dispose of to measure the relation between those: geographical maps. 

What is proximity and what is distance? Does the hike arising from the back of my garden worth less than the one located 2,000 miles away? How to deal with notions such as travel and exploration in a world where everything is at hand?

From Greenland to Antarctica through the desert plains of Mongolia, we will travel the world in search of answers to these questions and will address topics as diverse as the decline of distances in our technological era, the pleasure of slow travel or the graphic principles of designing a map.

- Travel notebook, photo series, essays, interviews
- Bilingual magazine (French and English)
- 208 pages
- Printed in France
- Offset- printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper

Partners : Suisse Tourisme, Au Vieux Campeur, Gore-Tex and Fujifilm.

Make our planet great again : 100% recycled paper and 1% of all sales goes to the planet

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