Les Others Magazine – Volume 8: The Lines


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Les Others Magazine is a biannual and bilingual (French and English) publication thought for outdoor, travel and photography lovers.

Through the pages of this eight issue, we’ve decided to question the line in all its forms : the one we follow, the one that frames, and the one that connects.

Crossed by a traveller from one country to another, by a mountaineer more daring than the others on a first ascent or by the mischievous pencil stroke of a young boy who would "surpass" the frame, the lines shape our lives, they are everywhere. Who draws these lines? What do they mean? And what happens if we decide to cross the line?

From the Lofoten Islands to the depths of the ocean, from the Sami territories to the summit of Everest, we’ve explored the line through multiple and diverses subjects, such as borders, roped team, world time or creative inspiration.

  • Travel diaries, photo series, essays, interviews... 
  • Bilingual magazine (French and English, on the same magazine) 
  • 208 pages 
  • Printed in France 
  • Offset printing on uncoated matte paper.

: ON, Keus and Arc'teryx !

Our commitment to the planet: 100% recycled paper and 1% of sales donated to associations who fight for the environment.

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