Magazine F – Issue 15: Egg – Cover
Magazine F – Issue 15: Egg – Inside 01
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Magazine F – Issue 15: Egg – Inside 03
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Magazine F

Magazine F – Issue 15: Egg

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Magazine F is a food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B and Baemin, which introduces one particular ingredient that has had a significant impact on people’s table.

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Baemin has become a critical mover and shaker in South Korean contemporary food culture, and B provides a balanced view on brands through multi-layered stories. This collaboration brings together these two areas of expertise in F, which is hoped to become a record of essential ingredients and food culture of our time.


Eggs, a food ingredient strongly associated with chickens, are laid by poultry like ducks and turkeys. A fundamental and versatile foodstuff, a single chicken egg is an ideal source of protein with high biological values (BV) reaching up to 100. Eggs appeal to everyone, and anyone from novice home cooks to professional chefs enjoy boiling, frying, whisking, and even incorporating the raw ingredient into endless culinary creations. They star in ubiquitous Western brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, croque madame, and scrambled eggs, and they shine in classic Asian steamed eggs and rolled omelets. Without a doubt, eggs are a staple across the globe. Now the conversation has turned to animal welfare, sparking a remarkable rise in free-range, organic eggs and egg alternatives as a substitute for animal protein.

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