Mayday Magazine – Issue 03: Who Am I?


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Mayday is about the unpredictable realities facing people, culture, society, business and technology.

With a special attention to independent thinking and strong character, Mayday features the originals, creatives, heroes and anti-heroes who shape our society with new ideas or surprising perspectives drawing on the best from our past. The magazine was first published in September 2017 in Copenhagen and created in the rare combination of clever and beautiful, serious and playful, concrete and abstract.

A magazine is a bit like a person — someone with a personality that defines them and sets them apart. In this third issue we focus on how our identities and contemporary lives are mirrored in a technological society. It’s about what shapes us in a time when navigating the complex digital structures that complicates how we make sense of society, ourselves and our neighbours. Will there be war?

In Issue Three, we look to the past to inform our future. We believe that someone has to see the bigger picture and be able to connect the dots. That’s why we talk to the heroes & anti-heroes who shape society with their new and surprising perspectives. As we move into the future, they inspire us to change our outlook and help us realise that maybe our identities aren’t as static as we thought. Take a look inside of yourself.

In this issue:

An exclusive interview with Daniel Kehlmann, the best-selling German playwright and author, who discusses the lasting power of words in an increasingly digital society. He reminds us that the introduction of new innovations brings about turbulent times, and insists that this is what progress looks like.

French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet is a self-proclaimed “jumper.” This Renaissance man’s understanding of the world isn’t linear at all, and he reflects on his belief that a broad knowledge can solve specific problems, or at least specific parts of never-ending problems.

Danish neuroscientist and writer Lone Frank tells the story of the meticulously researched saga of the forgotten pioneer of deep brain stimulation, Dr. Robert Heath. The story of his breakthroughs and downfall will have you questioning what really makes you, you.

In the beginning, you were either online or offline. Author & journalist Mikkel Rosengaard demonstrates how our digital personas are becoming less and less distinguishable from our offline identities. In the age of social media, we are becoming our avatars.

The regulars:
Art: Curator at Hamburger Bahnhof, Sven Beckstette, on four Berlin-based contemporary artists who critique political issues in four very distinct ways.
Colour curation: The colour terracotta examined and interpreted by three experts.
Espresso Index: Double espressos in Leeds, Taipei, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Vilnius & Hamburg.
Column: Historian and author Bo Lidegaard on the phenomenon of escapism.
Global Affairs: State of the world in words and infographics.
Photography: Photographer Sara Galbiati and journalist David Pepe Birch take a tour in the Copenhagen Medical Museion’s exhibition about historic bodily reparation — the 20th century cyborgs.

Pages: 128
Size: 200 x 275 mm
Frequency: Biannually (spring and autumn)
Release: Nov 2018

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