Milk Decoration Hors-Série – Number 10: Champagne – Cover
Milk Decoration

Milk Decoration Hors-Série – Number 10: Campagne

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If our cities are curling up, waiting to see cultural life once again show its way, MilK Decoration offers itself a breath of fresh air, in the countryside, where inspiration runs its course. A chapter without borders to roam the lands, and marvel again, alongside neo-rural creatives, celebrating life in all its forms. In the green, they extend the field of possibilities to cultivate their passions and create freely. Sensitive to handmade, work and the virtues of contemplation, they share their atypical lifestyles with us.

On the cover: The artist Charlotte Culot in La Roque-Alric, alongside her horse Oural and her Rhizomes rugs.

French language only!

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