Milk Decoration – Number 29 – Cover

Milk Decoration – Number 29

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Milk Decoration is an annually published addendum of MilK, an entire issue dedicated to items and contemporary decor for the home. This publication features offbeat, French style home interiors for the contemporary family, from children's decor to living rooms.

Make your interior your own – without concessions.

In this new issue, we went to meet those inspirational people who have turned interiors into places of domestic experimentation and visual expression, without making us choose between lifestyle and art. Intimate, secret and dreamlike, they use our personal space to create, pushing back the limits everything becomes a work of art.

Charlotte Perriand was one such person: in her chalet in Méribel, the modernity of her thinking is apparent in the smallest of architectural details. But coming back to today, what about the experimental approach that Joséphine Akvama Hoffmeyer and Elisa Ossino bring to bear on interiors with their daring installation Perfect Darkness, or gallery owner Amélie du Chalard, whose collection of abstract artworks defines a personal, singular and plural landscape across the walls of her new apartment? A final exempale would be designer Laura Fulmine, who has transformed an apartment into a living art gallery, the private expression of her love for art and design.

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