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Minchō Magazine – Issue 16

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Minchō is a three-month magazine, released with the aim of spreading the latest trends in illustration and to promote the personal projects of those artists lying behind the masterpieces of animated cinema, comic, poster art, typography, video games, children’s books… and who have created the most significant icons of our time. Minchō is an exchange of glances between critics and artists about the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression. 

Mincho #16 is overdone, full of decorative fantasy, formal exuberance and hand-made creations, but it doesn’t wish to be just yet another ‘coffee table book’.

Branded as empty or easy and closely linked to consumption processes, advertising illustration is, in fact, a universal language that boldly inform, imaginatively create beautiful objects, educate taste and are capable of stirring emotions. We saw this in a selection of packaging designs (Pomme Chan), paper scenographies (Maud Vantours) and murals (Camille Walala) that delight brands by thinking up ingenious and playful campaigns.

We also reflect on the seductive power of materials and manual processes through creations that cross boundaries between design and art (Merjin Hos, Chiaozza and Ruohang Wu), textile initiatives on which illustrators and artisans collaborate, or books designed so that children can experiment contemporary art from doing (Marion Deuchars). An issue dedicated to decorative arts and interior design that invites us to explore the close link established between intimacy and the domestic. This way in Daisy Jacobs’ animations and Brecht Evens’ comics the scene turns into a type of autobiographical landscape of who inhabits it.

Illustration: Home, Sweet & Crafty Home! (Gur, Node, Lrnce, Viso, SlowDown Studio, BFGF) // Pomme Chan
In Motion: Daisy Jacobs
Comic: Brecht Evens (Cover artist. Interview)
Art + Design: Maud Vantours // Camille Walala
The New Contemporary: There’s a Corpuscle on my Sofa (Chiaozza, Alexander Girard, Merjin Hos Wood, Ruohong Wu)
Have a Nice Book: Marion Deuchars
Book Reviews
To See & Be Seen

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