Minchō Magazine – Issue 17


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Minchō is a three-month magazine, released with the aim of spreading the latest trends in illustration and to promote the personal projects of those artists lying behind the masterpieces of animated cinema, comic, poster art, typography, video games, children’s books… and who have created the most significant icons of our time. Minchō is an exchange of glances between critics and artists about the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression. 

We are becoming increasingly aware of the global warming of the planet, and, consequently, we are starting to seeing our little back garden, our time spent walking the dog in the park and our weekend breaks in the countryside as great (and somewhat nostalgic) canvases for nature.

Mincho #17 is devoted to analyzing that complex relationship from the perspective of its contemporary graphical and artistic representation, ranging from naturalist illustration to pieces carried out with the purpose of raising awareness of environmental causes, and also including landscape interventions and liquid simulations by artists working in the expanded field.

Of course, our relationship with the environment and a Thoreauvian free, wild life, has completely changed nowadays, but the domain of the natural, far from being an anachronistic and outdated subject, never loses its role as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, as this new issue of Mincho shows.

Back to nature. Or almost.

Illustration: Charley Harper // Katie Scott // Nature Journals (Julia Rothman, Bernd Heinrich and Christine Berrie)
In Motion: teamLab
Comic: A Sea of Love, by Wilfrid Lupano & Grégory Panaccione
Art + Design: Isidro Ferrer (interview)
The New Contemporary: Santiago Morilla (cover artist)
Have a Nice Book: Fanette Mellier // Owen Davey
Book Reviews
To See & Be Seen

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