Offscreen – Issue 13


Offscreen is a high-quality, independent print magazine with an in-depth look at the life and work of people that use the internet to be creative and build successful businesses. Explore what's happening behind the scenes of popular websites, apps and other tech products through thoughtful interviews and honest, first-person stories.

In Issue No13 we speak with Kickstarter's co-founder and CEO, Yancey Strickler, about a business approach that's guided by purpose and idealism; Lifehacker founder Gina Trapani looks back on her motivation for starting one of the web's most successful blogs; digital strategist Sarah Bray presents a more human-centred approach for how to conduct business (and life) online; and Kill Screen founder and videogame aficionado Jamin Warren explores the relationship between computer games, the arts, psychology, and society.


Yancey Strickler
Co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter — on the importance of being deterministic, his defiance to become the ‘Walmart of crowdfunding’, and his all-time favourite Kickstarter project.

Gina Trapani
Founder Lifehacker/Co-founder ThinkUp — on what it’s like to build one of the web’s most successful blogs, how 9/11 influenced her career, and her attempt to make social media more meaningful.

Sarah Bray
Digital Strategist, Author — on what it means to treat people like people on the internet, the power of tiny communities, and why we need more honesty in our marketing tactics.

Jamin Warren
Founder of Kill Screen — on why videogames deserve more cultural recognition, the strange power of ‘magic circles’, and what jazz, comics, hip-hop, and games have in common.


Thoughts — Food for thought by Anne Sage andSharon Steed

A Day In The Life Of — Spend a day with Alex Humphry-Baker and Vaibhav Kanwal.

May I Ask — Bruce Schneier answers our questions about security, online identity and privacy.

Reality-Driven Design — UI designer Francesco Kirchhoff travels to Ebola-stricken Liberia and discovers a different (design) reality.

Ten Commandments — Stephen Wyatt Bushreminisces about the things his dad taught him about programming.

Designer Mantras — Scottish product designer Robbie Manson shares his guiding principles.

One Question — We asked Jessica RoseGayle AllenJohn V Willshire and William Albright what a connected future looks like to them.

Becoming Cut Out For It — The ups and downs of startup life as told by Other Machine Co. founder Danielle Applestone.

Rules of Business — Guiding principles for doing business, by Ciarán O’Leary.

Gear Guide — Accessories for the modern web worker, by Jessica Tong.

Workspace — YelpTripAdvisorPixelmator,Heroku

Toolbox — Designer, developer, and founder of CushionJonnie Hallman shows us his set of tools to get stuff done.

Losing Sight — Accessibility standards advocate Léonie Watson recounts the experience of losing her sight.



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