Peddler Journal – Issue 05: Dumpling – Cover
Peddler Journal

Peddler Journal – Issue 05: Dumpling

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Peddler is a recipe-driven multicultural food journal documenting the in-between moments of food – from the ingredients, to the making, the eating, the sharing, and all the small moments in-between. Peddler is published twice a year.

In the Dumpling issue, we look at the world through the lens of “pocket food”. While dumplings are important to many disparate cultures, what remains constant is that they are a symbol of repetition, of preserving family history and the passing on of tradition. Featuring stories from America, Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, Cyprus, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Ukraine and more. Plus recipes for karelian pies, flaounes, pyrohy, tortelloni, pastizzi, manti, kibbeh, kadabu, xiao long bao, siu mai, wu gok, grunts, pastelitos and empanada.

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