Positive News – Number 96 (Jan–Mar 2019)


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Good journalism about good things
Positive News is the inspiring current affairs magazine. We publish quality, independent journalism about progress and possibility. Positive News magazine offers inspiring stories from across the globe, as well as high-impact photography and illustration, and exquisite design and production.

The solutions generation: the young people putting purpose first

Young western adults today are stereotyped by some as ‘snowflakes’: a group of entitled, politically correct, selfie-obsessed and emotionally vulnerable souls with no grip on the realities of the world. We think it’s time to smash those stereotypes. Meet the generation with a fire in its belly for creating a better society

Other features include: Emergency humanitarian internet • Post-mastectomy tattoos • When tenants fight back: improving renting • When social progress gets fast-tracked • Smallholder farmers • The Italian community that united to save its beloved mountain

Special cover series: this issue features four different front covers

Published in January 2019

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