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Riposte – Issue 03

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In issue 3 we speak to women as diverse as a beer sommelier to a clinical psychologist, from a trainee astronaut to a punk band front woman. In our meetings section we interview the incredible stylist Anna Trevelyan; iconic painter, Nathalie Du Pasquier; director of Frieze art fairs, Victoria Siddall and singer Samantha Urbani.


IDEAS: Reports on a selection of inspiring women including a jewellery designer, trainee astronaut, food designer, beer sommelier and an oceanographer.

MEETINGS: We meet fascinating women such as stylist, Anna Trevelyan; singer, Samantha Urbani; painter, Nathalie Du Pasquier and director of Frieze art fairs, Victoria Siddall.

SPOTLIGHT: 16 page monograph is dedicated to Work Stations, a photographic study of London office life in Thatcher's Britain by Anna Fox. 

FEATURES: We speak to four different couples & individuals about how food plays a part in their relationships, we give it up for the ladies behind the laughs in The Simpsons writers' room and take look at how teenage girls worldwide use social media today.

COLLABORATION: Brazilian designer, Pedro Lourenco is in conversation with the technically brilliant Jamie Lee, Design Director for Women’s Training Apparel at Nike about their recent collaboration on a new collection. 

ESSAYS: There's an essay on how technology will begin to track and interact with our emotions even more in the future and the implications of this, as well as a look at youth subcultures and personal style. 

ICON: Mish Way, front woman of punk band White Lung, selects Stevie Nicks as her icon. 

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