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Riposte – Issue 07

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Riposte is a smart magazine for women.

Each issue features five ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon.

It profiles bold and fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves. The interviews are honest rather than being full of media trained responses as the women we feature candidly discuss their successes & failures, their work, their passions and perspectives.

Essays and features cover a broader range of issues than the regular fashion or celebrity focus of women’s magazines–these include art, design, music, business, innovation, politics, food and travel.


Riposte #7 hits the newsstands with a line up of brilliant women and thought-provoking features that delve into big topics.


Singer & cellist Kelsey Lu who talks about her background in a religious cult and her experience as a black woman in America.

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso opens up her office for an afternoon of conversation about her approach to business and the next phase of her life.

Plus size model Paloma Elsesser gives a personal and honest interview about her attitude towards her body and her past problems with drugs and alcohol.

At 95, Betty Reid Soskin is the oldest park ranger in America. She walks us through the social and political history of America and her own families ascent from slavery.

Features look at:

- Fashion & Art: Astrid Andersen, Cozette McCreery, Caitlin Price and Nick Wakeman of Studio Nicholson discuss the piece of art that changed their life

- Florist Constance Spry: photographer Maisie Cousins creates a beautiful photography series that celebrates the innovative life and work of Constance Spry

- Female Fixers: meet women reporting from the Middle East

- Don't Do It For The Likes: Why popularity on social media isn't always a good thing

- Esther Mahlangu: We celebrate the work of the South African artist

- Flings: Why a fling isn’t a bad thing

- Toxic Beauty: Alexis Krauss, front woman of Sleigh Bells asks, “What’s in your cosmetics?”

- An ode to cursing: why it’s the f*cking best

- Repeal: there’s a look at the performance protest group taking on Ireland’s anti-abortion laws one pair of knickers at a time

- Poly Styrene of X-Ray Specs closes the issue as our icon.

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