Saturdays Magazine – Issue 04


Saturdays Magazine is an annual publication featuring original works from the realms of art, cinema, design, photography and surfing. The latest issue centres on the idea that while we constantly need to have our eye on the future, there are certain things that never go out of style. 

  • 312 pages perfectly bound.
  • 15 Q&A’s with notable influencers, including Duane Michals, Jonny Johansson, Francis Ford Coppola, JJJound, Eastern Surf Magazine, Olaf Bruening, Hitoshi Tsujimoto, Frank Prisinzano, Lucy Walker, Balaram Stack, Truck Furniture, Salaman Agah, Damon Way & more.
  • 8 image portfolios by visionaries such as Jeff Johnson, Adrian Gaut, Rin Tanaka, Daniel Arnold, Grant Ellis, Lucien Smith & more.
  • No advertising: Cover to cover editorial content.
  • Printed at Oddi in Iceland.


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