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Seed Magazine

Seed Magazine – Volume 03

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Celebrating food, craft, travel and sustainable living.

Seed is a biannual magazine, founded and edited by Carole Bamford. At its heart is the belief that we need to live sustainably and consciously. Its philosophy is to lead by example: to gently inspire readers to make small changes with their own choices so that together we can have a wider impact on the future of the planet – like sowing a seed that will grow and flourish into a plant.

As a year of hardship and challenge reaches its end, the third volume of Seed looks to the future; to how we emerge from a period of crisis, draw hope from the months ahead; and grow and build from the lessons learned. With worlds pulled indoors, many people sought to balance the confinement of lives led inside by cultivating a relationship with nature. With that in mind, this issue celebrates the sanctuary of the outdoors and all that it can do to bolster and support our mental and physical wellbeing.

We visit Wildland, a group of Scottish estates marrying tourism with conservation. Aimed at restoring and replenishing the beauty the Highland landscapes around its remote properties, the company offers escapes anchored in acres of wild beauty. Reflecting the growing enthusiasm for gardening, our writers share how to customise home fabrics or entertain children by making block prints from a glut of homegrown potatoes; and we share what you can plant to grow food throughout the winter months.

Editor Carole Bamford interviews Misan Harriman, the photographer and founder of digital media platform What We Seee, who made history as the first black person to shoot the cover of British Vogue’s September issue. They discuss the power an image can hold in bringing about lasting change, as well as the photographer’s own tools for managing mental wellbeing.

Acknowledging the importance of the role our homes have come to play in our lives, we talk to renowned architect John Pawson about the importance of the spaces we inhabit and the need for considered interiors and homes. And celebrating the importance of being conscious of where our food comes from, we also share simple, seasonal recipes with a focus around reducing food waste, and offer our own tips

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