Standart Magazine – Issue 11


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Print magazine about coffee culture and lifestyle.

Every issue of Standart is beautifully designed and the content carefully curated in order to bring you into a one of a kind experience. It should be meaningful, enriching, and inspiring.

Standart Issue 11 brings you fantastical tales of jungle cafés as well as an adventurous guide to specialty coffee in São Paulo. Contents also include challenging articles on the myth of coffee roasting and the gender divisions within the coffee industry. Finally, there’s a piece on the history of London’s coffeehouses and the city’s century-old love affair with the dark brew that is, famously, coffee.

Inside Chapter: Coffee
'Customers would immediately ask the same question to the nearest white male barista and get the same answer...If I took the order, they'll ask the barista serving them if I gave them the right order.'

She’s a Lady is a harrowing, challenging, and absolutely necessary read that exposes the very real gendered divisions among female baristas working in American Specialty Coffee. 

Inside Chapter: World
'One night, in a very new and very green café, a jungle grew from the oranges waiting to be juiced and the fashionably cut palm leaves...'

The coffee bedtime story you didn't know you've been wanting and waiting for. Trust us, it's a little bit of imaginative magic that will transport you far away to a place of surrealism.

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