The Bikepacking Journal – Issue 02


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The Bikepacking Journal is a printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography that is simply too good to be confined to a screen.

We had no idea what to expect when we launched the inaugural issue of The Bikepacking Journal last fall, and we’ve been floored by its reception. So it’s with enthusiasm and pride that we present this second 148-page collection of pedal-powered writing and photography from around the world.

This time around, we dig deeper into a range of themes and questions. What responsibility do we have to the places we pedal through? To the people whose everyday lives intersect our journeys? How does failure shape our mindset for future endeavors? What can we learn from the people who blazed trails before us? Our contributors take us further into new experiences and unfamiliar territory. They also find fresh meaning in places they’ve pedaled countless times before.

Stories in Issue 02:

Blizzard Beasts
An Arctic fatbike journey by Bjørn Olson and Kim McNett.

Dog Days
Meltdown on the Maah Daah Hey Trail by Mark Reimer.

Ethiopia Retrospectum
A recollection of people and place by Joe Cruz and Logan Watts.

Hell Biking Turns 30
Commemorating absurdity by Brett Davis and Steve Fassbinder.

Los Primeros
Outsiders in Oaxaca by Mark Watson.

Lost and Found
Repaying kindness by Franzi Wernsing.

Mar Sin Leat
Farewell to the Cairngorms by Huw Oliver.

Rough-Stuff Fellowship
The world’s oldest off-road cycling club by Mark Watson.

Seat Projections
Keeping Tassie wild by Clare Nattress and Matty Waudby.

The Road to Progress
A changing Zanskar Valley by Eileen Schwab and Andy Hovey.

Tito’s Traverse
Six days of surprises by Thomas Woodson.

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