The Collective Quarterly – Issue 3 : Topa Topa


The Collective Quarterly is a magazine about discovery. Our team journeys to one location per issue, where we utilize slow journalism to drill deep into the bedrock of history and character that makes a place what it is. When we travel, we’re trying to chronicle the essence of a region during a moment in time.

Change. Tension. Duality. These are the themes in the latest dispatch from The Collective Quarterly, which traces a right triangle along California's central coast between Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Ventura.

There, we encountered a collection of wild souls: the Southern belle who explores the scary creatures inside her head, the Seattle-born surfer who’s making waves with his freehand-shaped boards, the Ojai native who strives to make sense of the otherworldly energy that draws eccentric characters from all over the world to his hometown, and the Ventura townie who might just be California’s version of a genuine, self-proclaimed redneck.

Each of these characters gave us a window into the way a place grapples with what it was—and what it is now.

• 200+ pages
• soft-touch laminate cover
• perfect bound8.5” x 11”
• Four-color lithograph press
• Carbon neutral green printing



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