Water Journal – Volume 2


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Water Journal is a bi-annual publication exploring the beauty and complexity of all things water. It exists to tell honest stories about one's connection with water, whether it's of a personal matter or on a global scale. Being entirely advertising-free and proudly independent it thrives on real stories by real people.

From a frozen winter in Northern Quebec to an isolated archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, featuring a study of seasideness and a subaquatic sculptural project, we invite you to explore many more captivating stories from around the world by talented contributors who made it come to life.

Troy Moth (cover photography), Richard Gaston, Piaule, Zhang Qingyun, David Alvarado, Felipe Bedoya, Lauren Elrick, Hannah Devereux, Melanie King, Hortense & Mathieu, Kristina Chelberg, Zac Milan, Britta Stephen, Thomas Tourral, Gregory Thielker, Nicolas Blandin, Marina Denisova, Urban Koi, Megan Fatharly, Virginie Chabrol, John Lucarelli, Toby Mitchell, Tim Schilling, Sam Scales, Haeckels.

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