Water Journal – Volume 4


Water Journal is a bi-annual publication exploring the beauty and complexity of all things water. It exists to tell honest stories about one's connection with water, whether it's of a personal matter or on a global scale. Being entirely advertising-free and proudly independent it thrives on real stories by real people.

From the legend of Whiskeytown to an unforgiving coastline of Camelle and warm, pastel-coloured streets of Cuba, we invite you to explore captivating stories from all around the globe. Volume 4° features an interview with a devoted watercolorist and spiritual thinker, Satsuki Shibuya, a three-year-long photographic study of the Andean Patagonia, an other-wordly experience of capturing the scent rain and many more stories by talented contributors who made it come to life:

Erich McVey (cover photography), Toby Mitchell, Miriam Rose-Platts, Bobby Mills, Gillian Stevens, Jordi Ortolà, Daniel Civetta, Thibault de Schepper, Kelly Shea, Erich McVey, Amy McVey, Benjamin Holtrop, Matchaeologist,Mariah Jinson, Matthew Taylor, Naomi Hill, Urban Koi, Richard Boll, Duncan Wooldridge, Karen Reyes, Satsuki Shibuya, Dom Bridges, Sam Scales, Ohad Benit, Thomasina Legend, Jack Taylor, Piaule, Zhang Qingyun, Angeles Peña, Agustina Mistretta, Shizuko Yoshikuni, Manuel Kuschnig

162 pages, perfect bound and printed in full colour on FSC-approved uncoated paper. Published in London, UK.

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